One Above Enterprise was formed and funded by the third generation of an entrepreneurial family with significant operating experience. We are interested in purchasing and operating a Northeast Ohio business, where we can combine the acquired company’s strengths with our values, long-term perspective, resources, and knowledge to drive the next generation of growth.



Other attractive attributes include:

Managing Principal

Donny Zigdon

Prior to One Above, Donny and senior business leader Todd Bendis, partnered with Ryan Carroll in his company, Lake City Plating (LCP). LCP is a leader in the metal finishing industry. For the past 7 years, Todd, Ryan and Donny have been actively leading LCP, more than doubling its size since the transaction. Before LCP, Donny worked in operational excellence for GOJO Industries. Today, Donny remains an owner and active board member at LCP.


Joe Kanfer

Joe is the Venturer of GOJO Industries, a world leader in the field of hygiene and skin care products for institutional markets and known for inventing PURELL® Hand Sanitizer.

Todd Bendis

Todd is the CEO of Lake City Plating. Prior to LCP, Todd held several leadership roles at Greif, the world leader in industrial packaging. Before Greif, Todd worked at GE.

Mike Moran

Mike is the head of Walnut Ridge, the family office managing the Kanfer family's investments. Prior to Walnut Ridge, Mike was a partner at Linsalata Capital, a PE firm specializing in middle market companies.

Jim Mazzella

Along with owning and operating companies Jim serves as Chair of two Vistage Groups. Vistage is the world’s largest executive coaching and peer advisory organization.